The House S. Cristóvão is located next to the water mirror of Fontão stream. The beauty of the surroundings, the tranquility, the regional gastronomy, the purity of the air and the mountain water make this house the pearl of the rural tourism of the region of Barroso (Trás os Montes).

The house


Meals (Lunch / Dinner) are made on request with an average cost between 10 and 15 € per person (includes wine from the house “wine of the dead of Boticas”, soup, dessert, coffee and digestive) (more …)


The elegance and sobriety of its rooms suggest the harmony between tradition and modernity, which translates into Comfort and Well-Being. We have six rooms, all with ensuite bathroom, telephone, television, cable TV, video and heating. Living room and dining room or meeting for 60 people and a Regional Kitchen with fireplace, a Bar and Internet. (more…)


The house of S. Cristóvão – Turismo Rural is a modern unit destined to the tourist activity in Rural space. With rural characteristics and ambience it enjoys the privilege of being located next to the park of Leisure and to the mirror of water of the stream of Fontão, that crosses Boticas. (more…)

Tourist Information

Next to the house is the leisure park of Ribeira de Fontão, a playground for adults and a playground for children from 3 to 9 years. (more…)



One of the most interesting and important stories about Boticas is related to its wine. When the French invaded the vineyard, the locals buried the wine they had produced to prevent them from being plundered. From that time, this practice continued to be used and became known as the “wine of the dead.” (more…)

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